the House of Horrors Bad Dream 2018

the House of horrors bad dream -a spiral productions production

Executive Producer: Josh Lindberg -Spiral Productions

In Association with: The Rand Show

Creative Direction & Concept: Josh Lindberg

Written by: Josh Lindberg

Performance Director: Craig Morris

Set Design: Dewet Meyer -JDM Unlimited

Costume & Make-up Design: Leon Von Solms

Senior Line Producer: Jennifer Mostert

Production Manager: Flo Maluleka

Camera Director/AV/Graphics: Anton Opperman -Triggerfinger

Technical: AV Unlimited

Lighting Designer: Josh Cutts -Visual Frontier

Sound Design & Soundscape Direction: Alun Richards, Hamish MacArthur -Madhaus

re-live your worst nightmare! walk into the tunnels of this horrifying tale of terror.

 unlike anything you have ever witnessed before -yet, at the same time, strangely familiar - you will not be able to forget what you witness!

 a fully immersive, unexpected, thrilling, mind bending, multi-sensory, tangible, multi-dimensional, multi-media, multiple-perspective, live, real-life theatrical experience.

 told with live actors, inhabiting extraordinary characters. 

brought to life with multiple media, specially created sets and true life, tangible environments.

 -the story of this incredible world unfolds as we enter the dream of a young child.

 leave what you think you know at the door… experience everything you have only imagined… …in every one of your bad dreams -you are part of the experience.

it will disorientate you, take you by surprise, show you what you know you are too afraid to see -and take you within… coming face to face with those imaginings that leave us breathless with fear in the dead of night! are you brave enough to go into that dark passage…?

… the strange cries heard at night from that far corner room of the asylum, never visited. … the glimpse of a ghostly feint outline of the woman floating through the misty tree-lined dusty road… the face in the window of a room that has been locked for decades… an apparition of a person people say was here, once, long ago… yet was seen only a few nights ago…the unexpected deep down the passage you thought you knew…

then, you remember, that you chose to enter our house!

good night. sleep well. Don't let the bedbugs bite!



Copyright: Spiral Productions, Rand Show & Josh Lindberg.