If you look at it differently... There is always more...

A live... Multimedia, multidimensional, multiple-perspective, multilayer, experiential,360º environment.

“Porno Shoppe”

Theatre stage show -Performed at The Johannesburg Civic Theatre & The Grahamstown National festival Of the Arts

Director: Josh Lindberg

Designed by: Josh Lindberg

Written by: Owen De Jager

Produced by: Spiral Productions, The WITS Theatre & The Johannesburg Civic Theatre

Starring: Nick Boraine & Jana Sakelaris

Rollicking fun, Acerbic wit… Convulsed with laughter.” –Raeford Daniel, The Citizen

“Explosive, inventive precision… Perfected skill”. –Mary Jordan, The Business Day

“Punchy raunchy humour. Splendid cohesion and timing”. Ian Grey, The Star

Working in 360º

To find a way for an audience to not only 'look at something'...

...but to experience it.