If you look at it differently... There is always more...

A live... Multimedia, multidimensional, multiple-perspective, multilayer, experiential,360º environment.

Innofin -South Africa Launch Event

Creative Director: Josh Lindberg

Conceived and written by (for Blue Moon Corporate Communications): Josh Lindberg

Produced by: Blue Moon Corporate Communications 

Aerial rigging: Action Safety

Starring: Hakeem Kae-kazim & Lionel Newton

The show was created to “tell the story” of the new financial company “Innofin”. We toured around South Africa with a fully multi-dimensional performance format from Johannesburg to Durban &Cape Town. The show existed with actors on screen interacting with live actors live on stage…. The live performers were able to “work in multiple-dimensions” –live and then “enter” the screen.

With the aid of aerial rigging systems, performers were able to “walk vertically up walls, move horizontally across the top edge of the screen & jump great distances; over the audience, and down to the ground from massive heights etc.

Working in 360º

To find a way for an audience to not only 'look at something'...

...but to experience it.