If you look at it differently... There is always more...

A live... Multimedia, multidimensional, multiple-perspective, multilayer, experiential,360º environment.

Hollard Insurance -Annual Conference, Gala Dinner, & Awards Event

“Hollardville” -The Northgate Dome -Hoscar Awards, Company Conference, Gala dinner

Creative Director: Josh Lindberg

Conceived and written by: Josh Lindberg

Produced by: Spiral Productions  & Four D Marketing Solutions

AV graphics: The Project

Aerial rigging: Action Safety

Starring: John Vlismas, Nick Nocholadis, Tony Bentel, Sue Pam Grant, Craig Morris, Cito, Gina Schmukler, Wilmoth, Lloyd Kandlin, Tsogt, Hrdtyme Productions Aerial Perfromers and Dancers, Terence Brigit, Dr. Victor and The Rasta Rebels.

The show was written as a theatrical musical story circus and uniquely created for Hollard Insurance.

All branding, marketing, and company information was researched, learned, and written into a show script. The “story” then unfolded as Vaudeville, Burlesque-styled circus / theatre show.

The experience existed as a multimedia, multi-dimensional, large-scale show with live performers and AV content working together.

The larger event space being revealed as the night progressed… Firstly a Burlesque Theatre, then into a massive single table, 1000 seater dinner and lastly a party / playground / fairground area filled with funfair rides.

Working in 360º

To find a way for an audience to not only 'look at something'...

...but to experience it.