If you look at it differently... There is always more...

A live... Multimedia, multidimensional, multiple-perspective, multilayer, experiential,360º environment.

Audi -A6 South Africa Launch

Creative Director: Josh Lindberg

Conceived & written by (for Blue Moon Corporate Communications): Josh Lindberg

Produced by: Blue Moon Corporate Communications

AV graphics: The Project

The show / launch was designed and staged within a large “box” of screens.

Both the audience and the show were set on the stage of a theatre. The performance space existed within this “box space” -In multiple-dimensions, around, over and above the audience.

What we achieved for the audience was an immersive experience with a mix of wrap around AV content and live performance. The live acts and AV content worked together to create a multi-perspective offering for the audience –All elements were produced and designed to showcase the car’s features in an artistic, theatrical and creative, yet informative way.

Live camera offered a further dimension.

Working in 360º

To find a way for an audience to not only 'look at something'...

...but to experience it.