If you look at it differently... There is always more...

A live... Multimedia, multidimensional, multiple-perspective, multilayer, experiential,360º environment.


Theatre stage show

Director: Josh Lindberg

Designed by: Josh Lindberg

Produced by: Colin Law, Spiral Productions, And The Johannesburg Civic Theatre

Musical Direction: Janine Neethling


Nick Boraine, Michael Richard, Langley Kirkwood, Antony Coleman, Rob Van Vuuren, and Jose Domingos, 

This incredible piece of theatrical story telling was staged within a massive steel birdcage towering over the actors and rising above the audience...                      

Nominated for 11 FNB Vital Theatre Awards

Winner:        Best Production

Winner:        Best Director

Winner:        Best Set Design

Winner:        Best Actor (Nick Boraine)

Working in 360º

To find a way for an audience to not only 'look at something'...

...but to experience it.